Ink, a tabletop RPG launching in October!

by Snowbright Studio

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Explore the afterlife in a new tabletop roleplaying game from Snowbright Studio

"And when I fell, the darkness swallowed me. An endless sea of ink writhing with creatures I could not bear to witness. I must escape this afterlife. Whatever lies Beyond... surely it must be better than this."

What happens to your characters after they die? Join the recently departed as they travel the toxic waters and treacherous isles of the spirit world in Snowbright Studio's new game, ink.

A boorista making coffee for a patron spirit

"You're dead, OK? But that doesn't mean that you can't die again and again and again and... Well, it ain't too pleasant! Stick with me, chum, and I'll give you all the best tips. Like how to train your Shadow to shoot fire out of its claws and where to buy the best coffee around here." 
- Seven the Psychopomp

Snowbright Studio is your friendly local LGBTQ+ game studio! We make eco-forward games that spark imagination and inspire action. You can usually find us posting cute pet photos, sipping hot drinks, and collecting skulls.

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