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  • This campaign will fund new product lines from the Skyclimbers game universe, while raising awareness for the endangered Red Panda! 

  • The new products will include: Plushies, Pillows, a custom backpack and much more!

  • Before the campaign launches, we plan to have 90% or more of our rewards delivered from last year's campaign for Skyclimbers. 

The idea came to us after a massively successful Kickstarter for our upcoming video game Skyclimbers.

A Cross-platform Multiplayer City-Building RPG

Our backers loved the plushies we manufactured and wanted to see more of our characters come to life! Since our previous campaign, we have produced and shipped over 1000 high-quality plushies worldwide as part of our backer rewards 😎

Check out our other products on Etsy!

We hope this campaign can fulfill multiple goals for our company:

  • Fund the development of new product lines

  • Raise awareness and donations for the Red Panda 

  • Increase brand awareness of the Skyclimbers franchise 

  • Reinforce our commitment to a sustainable future 

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