Get Ready for The Official PLANET OF THE APES Role-Playing Game

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The Official PLANET OF THE APES Role-Playing Game is coming to Kickstarter soon!

The Official PLANET OF THE APES RPG will challenge every idea you have ever had about a role-playing game. You will be thrust onto a planet where humans are the lowest order of living things — and the superior beings are apes. It’s the evolutionary process but in reverse.

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Become an intellectual Chimpanzee who seeks to better apekind through science and exploration. Choose an Orangutan statesape whose weapons are philosophical debate, political savvy, and the power of the Sacred Scrolls themselves. Perhaps a Gorilla soldier is more your style—honor-bound to protect Ape City and lead aggressive expansions into new territories. 
What else, if not an ape? Be a time-lost astronaut struggling to grasp a world gone insane. Become a mute tribal human forced to scavenge for resources as you are hunted by murderous gorillas on horseback. The rules even allow you to play mutant survivors who use the power of their minds to turn their enemies against each other. 
Your adventures in this world of madness will take you to the ruins of a world destroyed—see what remains of the Statue of Liberty, the ostentatious Ape City, the foreboding Forbidden Zone, and the mysterious mutant undercity. It is a world defined by the stark contrasts of brutality and civility. Are you ape enough to handle the truth about the world you live in or will you lose your mind to it?
Built on the official Magnetic Variant (D6MV) of the classic D6 System role-playing game rules created by West End Games, PLANET OF THE APES is easy to learn yet full of challenges to master. With settings and lore written by a team of celebrated writers and designers under the lead of science fiction novelist Andrew E.C. Gaska, this core rulebook contains all you need to roleplay in this upside-down world where apes evolved from humans. 


The Official PLANET OF THE APES Role-Playing Game Core Rulebook

Includes all of the basic rules and settings to begin your adventure. 300+ Pages, 8.5×11″ hardcover featuring cover art by BILL SIENKIEWICZ!

The ANSA FILES Classic Film Sourcebook

Filled with reference resources from all of the classic films, TV series, novelizations, and animated episodes. 272+ Pages, 8.5×11″ hardcover.

Plus several premium exclusives to be revealed in the campaign!

  • THE FORBIDDEN ZONE Adventure Box filled with game-enhancing tools
  • RUINS OF TOMORROW set of detailed 3D resin gameplay miniatures
  • Deluxe Limited-edition Slipcase Sets
  • Unlockable bonus items and collectibles
  • Physical in-world artifacts to make your roleplaying experience even more immersive!

  • Detailed histories and lore from the Planet of the Apes.
  • 24-character templates to choose from.
  • A menagerie of mutated monstrosities that lurk in the Forbidden Zone.
  • Extraordinary Abilities give your PCs an edge.
  • Quirks and Expectations help define character motivations.
  • SRP Defenses create fast-paced combat.
  • Optional Stun and Encumbrance Rules.
  • Plus a host of Gear and Weaponry that will help turn this upside-down world right.
  • Compatible with all Magnetic Press Play’s West End Games D6 products.


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Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

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