Get Ready for Grand Guignol & Harvest

by Possum Creek Games

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Grand Guignol gives us crooked alleys and foggy squares, charged touches and words left unsaid, lavish parties and faceless crowds, bloody hands and dangerous smiles, and always the darkness without and within asking "What lurks in the secret corners of your heart?".

gives us laden orchards and barren fields; desperate fervour and doubts grown thick as weeds; calves born and pigs slaughtered; proud traditions, failing wealth, and hostile stares; juice-smeared lips and dirt under nails; and always the questions echoing down through the generations: “Whose blood must be spilled to feed the land?” and “Whose hand will hold the knife?”.

A halloween double feature of two historical tabletop RPGs from the team behind Wanderhome and Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast, all about monstrosity, community, and the Gothic. Grand Guignol is a Victorian romance-horror RPG, built on the queer monstrosity of Frankenstein, Carmilla, and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Harvest is a folk horror RPG about a rural island off the coast of England, whose bucolic inhabitants must perform a horrific ritual every year to preserve the comfort of their home.

Two games. Two books. Coming this Halloween.

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