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Get Ready for Aloha Earth

by Gravitation Games

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Aloha Earth is an improvisational party game of alien "experts" debating the meaning of human phrases they found on their expedition to Earth. 

  • Quick & easy to play
  • All players are on an even playing field because there is no right answer.
  • Scoring inspires collaborative storytelling by winner giving points to supporters¬†
  • Hilarious conversations & inside jokes are guaranteed!¬†



One player finds a Human Artifact by creating a 2 word phase from their cards.

Then, they pose a question to the group: "As the Expert of Human Foods, maybe you've heard of this WAFFLE BLOG I've found reference to in a locker room?"

The Expert of Human Foods may have something to say about this or they may defer to another expert.

Possibly the Expert of Human Celebration, since a waffle was known to contain sugar which is used in almost all human celebrations.

And maybe the Expert of Human Sports knows why this was in a locker room.

The group debates what this WAFFLE BLOG could possibly be until each player flips their expert card to the VOTE side signaling they are ready to vote.

After a debate, all players vote on someone who told the most convincing backstory for the object or reference. That player scores two points, but then must award a bonus point to another player who best helped them come to that conclusion!

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 277 other people!

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