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Drop Zone: Chocks Away

by What If Games

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Embark on an exhilarating adventure high above the dense jungles with Drop Zone: Chocks Away, a riveting board game where strategy, luck, and daring air manoeuvres combine to crown the skies' most reputable pilot. In this competitive setting, players assume the roles of skilled pilots tasked with air dropping crucial cargo to remote outposts. As you strategise your flight plans and manage your cargo wisely, you'll navigate through treacherous weather conditions and tricky landing zones to complete missions, each successful drop propelling you toward the ultimate title of the King of the Skies!

Looking down on Drop Zone (from the skies)

The game is ingeniously designed, offering a  blend of tactical card play and dynamic dice rolling that dictates the success of your missions. With each turn comprising a Ground Phase for careful planning and resource management and an Air Phase for executing high-stakes drops, Drop Zone: Chocks Away promises an engrossing play experience.

Tactical cards wield the power to alter mission parameters, providing ample opportunities for strategic plays that can either bolster your prospects or foil your rivals' plans. Whether it's by upgrading your Airbase for better cargo and plane capabilities or by cleverly deploying your tactical cards, every decision counts in the race for reputation.

Want to ruin a fellow pilot's plan - burn their Cargo!

As you plot your flight paths and brave the unpredictable skies, remember that every successful mission bolsters your standing, but the true victory lies in outmaneuvering your opponents and amassing the highest reputation by the game's end. With the integration of upgrade systems and a dynamic mission setup ensuring a unique experience each time you play, Drop Zone: Chocks Away invites you and your friends to slip into your pilot goggles, rev up your engines, and take to the skies in a thrilling quest for aerial supremacy. Rally your supporters and prepare for takeoff on an unforgettable journey that promises both high tension and great fun. 

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Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

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