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Our ecosystem was dying. All of humanity's hope lay in Panacea: a scientific miracle that would repair the damage caused by centuries of hubris and neglect. Perhaps it was the sheer bulk of pollution to ingest. Maybe it was a flaw in the design of Panacea itself. Whatever the cause, humanity only had the briefest flight of hope before careening to the very brink of extinction.

Panacea, created to be our savior, had become the Blight. And nature was devouring all as it reclaimed the lands it had lost.

Dead Air: Seasons is a post-apocalyptic tabletop RPG centered around people's stories, exploring a world that has changed forever, and the inevitability of nature demanding a tribute.

It is developed by the creative team behind Broken Tales, and runs on the same acclaimed game system, here amped up for a grim survival action experience. 

If you love works such as The Last of Us series, Station 11, The Road, Sweet Tooth, Children of Men, Annihilation, or The Girl With All the Gifts, Dead Air: Seasons is the game for you.

All pledges coming through the same email you'll use to SIGN UP will also get The Daughter of the Blight, a 100+ pages game campaign book for FREE:

  • The digital version of The Daughter of the Blight if you pledge for a digital tier (MSRP 15€)
  • The printed version of The Daugher of the Blight if you pledge for a physical tier (MSRP 20€)

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