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Get Ready for RV Games Advanced Rules

by RV Games

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Mockup of Advanced Rules Back Cover

Channeling the second book included with all Game Designers’ Workshop games, Advanced Rules is a 100-page wire-bound text-only zine of house rules for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG from the Mothership community with a focus on rules adapted from RV Games online magazine, The Adventure Gaming Periodical. The WIP rules are viewable here, this web page version of the zine will always be free for use.

All of the rules are being revised for the final 1e version of Mothership with professional editing by Roz Leahy beyond their original online publication.

Included in Advanced Rules

  • Solo and Wardenless Play Guidelines by Violet Ballard
  • Some Ship Combat Rules by Joshua Justice
  • Miniships by Greenspore
  • Streamlined Debt and Downtime System Adapted From Rules by Jack Shirai
  • Psion and Psionics by Monovektor
  • Surgical Rolls by Violet Ballard
  • Social Rolls by Violet Ballard
  • Ultimate Bad Ass by Christian Sorrell
  • Squad Combat and Stacking by Violet Ballard
  • Accessible Maps by Violet Ballard
  • Additional Classes by Joshua Justice, Christian Sorrell, and Violet Ballard
  • Cybermod, Slickware, Drug, Robotics, and AI Design Sequences by Violet Ballard
  • G.O.B.L.I.N. - Gremlin's OGRE Basics: Living in Neuralware by edbury

The definitive collection for Wardens and game designers ready to hack Mothership 1e.

watt, creator of
Cloud Empress

Mothership RPG are trademarks of Tuesday Knight Games. For additional information, visit or contact [email protected].

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 622 other people!

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