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Amberlight: DND 5e Sourcebook & Boardgame

by Chronicle & Rowan Pendragon

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Experience the Amberlight setting through a standalone DND sourcebook as well as a self-contained boardgame! If you're new to RPGs and tabletop, either option presents a great starting point.

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You can also look forward to:
  • Solo Mode & Choose Your Own Adventures
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Standalone DND Sourcebook & drop-in content:
  • 6 Campaigns and multiple one shot adventures
  • 5 New Races
  • 5 New Subclasses
  • 150+ Items, Spells, Feats, Backgrounds, NPCs & More! 
  • 300+ pages and counting...

 5 New Playable Races: 
  • Play as the graceful Celerits; cunning Shikar; bookish Chiropts; stout Hibernians; or the enigmatic Anachrons.
  • A focus on physical and mental characteristics rather than strictly defined archetypes allows you to tailor your own preferred appearance and traits! Perfect if you already have a character's species or appearance in mind.

2 New Classes: 
  • Uncover ancient secrets as a fearless Trepanate; or control encounters with mere suggestion as an initiate Reifact.

6 Campaigns and multiple one shot adventures:
  • Embrace new characters from level 1 in the introductory campaign 'Last Lantern Inn'
  • Develop these characters or introduce existing parties through 5 further trials: 
  1. Cruorcades: 
  2. Journey to Fearflicker
  3. Ascent to the Gouge
  4. Mythmaker
  5. Dilemma Automa

Hundreds of Items, Encounters, NPCs, and more: 
  • 300+ pages of drop-in content for your next session or campaign.
  • Handy tables and tabulated information for easy reference!

Explore Nous further through a dedicated boardgame! Take the role of a stout Apprentice developing a retinue of friends and followers as you seek adventure.

Transform the environment, creating unique paths to outmaneuver others!

With a focus on hexcrawl exploration, roguelike adventures are supported by light deckbuilding and crafting/resource management with over 250 illustrated cards that allow for significant replayability and different means of approaching each scenario.

 Procedurally generated worlds and events: 
  • Modular hexcrawl rules allow for solo, cooperative, competitive and casual play across individual scenarios and fully fledged campaigns.  
  • Hundreds of individual scenarios designed for 45 minutes of gameplay or more, with near-infinite replayability through semi-randomised draws and events.

Explore procedurally generated dungeons in 3 dimensions!

Engaging Combat & Interaction system: 
  • Combining the strategic depth of board games with the flexibility of RPG mechanics, encounters in Amberlight are both tactical and narrative-driven. 
  • Combat is designed so that positioning, environment, and character abilities all play a crucial role.  
  • Campaign play further provides for 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style advancement with concurrent downtime and inter-scenario activities.

Meaningful Progression & Development: 
  • Players can choose from a variety of Apprentices, each with unique abilities and progression. Customize your Apprentice further with specialized Disciplines, adding depth and variety to your playstyle. 
  • Grow your own Retinue and Followers, whilst collecting rare artefacts and knowledge!

Dynamic World: 
  • The world of Nous changes with your decisions. Cities grow, alliances shift, and areas on the board can change ownership, reflecting the ongoing story. 

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