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Amberlight: DND 5e Sourcebook & Boardgame

by Chronicle & Rowan Pendragon

Kickstarter now live!

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Experience the Amberlight world through a standalone DND sourcebook as well as a self-contained boardgame! Whether you're a seasoned DM and boardgame enthusiast; or completely new to RPGs and tabletop; both options are great for exciting new adventures with friends or solo.

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Standalone DND Sourcebook & drop-in content:
  • 6 Campaigns and multiple one shot adventures
  • Rules, guidance and extended content for Hexcrawls and procedurally generated adventures
  • 5 New Races
  • 5 New Subclasses
  • 150+ Items, Spells, Feats, Backgrounds, NPCs & More! 
  • 300+ pages and counting...

 5 New Playable Races: 
  • Play as the graceful Celerits; cunning Shikar; bookish Chiropts; stout Hibernians; or the enigmatic Anachrons.
  • A focus on physical and mental characteristics rather than strictly defined archetypes allows you to tailor your own preferred appearance and traits! Perfect if you already have a character's species or appearance in mind.

2 New Classes: 
  • Uncover ancient secrets as a fearless Trepanate; or control encounters with mere suggestion as an initiate Reifact.

6 Campaigns and multiple one shot adventures:
  • Embrace new characters from level 1 in the introductory campaign 'Last Lantern Inn'
  • Develop these characters or introduce existing parties through 5 further trials: 
  • Cruorcades: 
  • Journey to Fearflicker
  • Ascent to the Gouge
  • Mythmaker
  • Dilemma Automa.

Hundreds of Items, Encounters, NPCs, and more: 
  • 300+ pages of drop-in content for your next session or campaign.
  • Handy tables and tabulated information for easy reference!

Glory awaits!

Explore Nous further through a dedicated boardgame! Take the role of a stout Apprentice developing a retinue of friends and followers as you seek adventure. 
  • Solo Mode, persistent narrative campaigns, & Choose Your Own Adventures
  • Short and long form Co-Op & Competitive Play 
  • Hexcrawl movement and roguelite deckbuilding mechanics

Transform the environment, creating unique paths to outmaneuver your foes!

With a focus on hexcrawl exploration, roguelike adventures are supported by light deckbuilding and crafting/resource management with over 250 illustrated cards that allow for significant replayability and different means of approaching each scenario.

Develop your own encampment and followers through crafting and roguelite mechanics!

 Procedurally generated worlds and events: 
  • Modular hexcrawl rules allow for solo, cooperative, competitive and casual play across individual scenarios and fully fledged campaigns.  
  • Hundreds of individual scenarios designed for 45 minutes of gameplay or more, with near-infinite replayability through semi-randomised draws and events.
Find all manner of friends (or foes) in your adventures...

Explore procedurally generated dungeons in 3 dimensions!

Engaging Combat & Interaction system: 
  • Combining the strategic depth of board games with the flexibility of RPG mechanics, encounters in Amberlight are both tactical and narrative-driven. 
  • Combat is designed so that positioning, environment, and character abilities all play a crucial role.  
  • Campaign play further provides for 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style advancement with concurrent downtime and inter-scenario activities.

Meaningful Progression & Development: 
  • Players can choose from a variety of Apprentices, each with unique abilities and progression. Customize your Apprentice further with specialized Disciplines, adding depth and variety to your playstyle. 
  • Grow your own Retinue and Followers, whilst collecting rare artefacts and knowledge!

Dynamic World: 
  • The world of Nous changes with your decisions. Cities grow, alliances shift, and areas on the board can change ownership, reflecting the ongoing story.


Kickstarter now live!

Join 1,417 other people!

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