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5 Massive Battlemap Books: Cyberpunk, Fantasy & Sci-Fi

by Lion Banner Games

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Launching this Tuesday, 16th of April, 9 a.m. PDT / 16:00 GMT time.

Elevate your RPG and miniature gaming evenings using our high-quality Massive Battlemap Books. Designed to create a table centerpiece opening to a whopping A2 size, measuring 16.5 x 23.4 inches. Also, in digital format.
FoundryVTT and Roll20 modules are available for purchase to enhance your gaming experience.
All our products are manufactured in Europe, ensuring high-quality production. 
We are currently compiling a reprint of the widely popular 60-page Multiverse and Hellwatch battlemap books, which are available with the Yakuza project.


This is a chance to get a hold of our exclusive massive battlemap books, as in this campaign we will be reprinting our collection, including our 3 Multiverse and HellWatch map books. Don´t miss out on these high-quality battlemap books to set the stage for your gaming nights.

Choose which one you wish to add to your collection below.

Yakuza Streets is our latest product specially crafted for this campaign – 60 pages of Cyberpunk-themed battlemaps inspired by Asian Metropolis. Explore vibrant neon-lit streets, commercial districts, shadowy alleys, high-tech corporate labs, horrific augmentation clinics, and other settings.


You have dared to venture into the secret world of the Yakuza. A feared organized crime syndicate that follows strict codes of honor with harsh punishment for those who disobey. They will defend their territory with a vengeance against anyone infiltrating their domain. 

To earn a place within their ranks, one must provide unflinching loyalty. Whatever is asked must be carried out without question. Mistakes are paid for harshly with a severed finger presented as an offering to “Oyabun,” the absolute leader of a Yakuza clan.

Welcome to Yakuza Streets, a neon-illuminated mecca home to the most brutal gang constantly striving to impose their domination in this chrome jungle.

Below is a preview of our digital battlemaps.

Cover and 2D art by: Samuele Zardinoni

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 365 other people!

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