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Get Ready for Creepy Cuties: Scary But Harmless Pet Pins

by DefilerWyrm

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CREEPY CUTIES is my 6th pin project: a celebration of pet species that are often thought of as "scary" but are actually harmless. Whether you have a love for the unloved, or the spookiness is the point, or you just have a non-traditional idea of what's cute, these screen-printed hard enamel pins are for those of us whose pets are just a little different.

Initial funding will cover 3 designs: ball python, fancy rat, and a guest pin by Oleander. Additional funding will unlock up to 8 stretch goals including orchid mantis, Pac-Man frog, rubber ducky isopod, and more!

This project is part of Pintopia 2! Debut pinmaker Oleander and I have designed a guest pin for each other's campaigns. If both campaigns are fully funded, everyone who pledges to both campaigns for a physical reward will receive both guest pins FREE! If you like creepy-cute pets, you're sure to also love Oleander's BODY HORROR AND FLOWERS pins. Click the banner to go sign up to be notified of their campaign too!

There will also be sticker sheets that include all 11 pin designs and a glow-in-the-dark mini pin, which you'll be able to add to your pledge as add-ons!


If you love saving money, you're gonna wanna click that blue button. What this gets you is an email alert when the project goes live. By choosing to get notified, you'll be the first to know that it's time to get in on Early Bird Specials! Backers who pledge for physical rewards in the first 48 hours will receive the following*:
  • Special discounted pricing
  • FREE sticker sheet
  • FREE bonus mini pin if you pledge for 3+ pins!
My goal is to try to fill the initial funding round early so that we can get in as many stretch goals as possible. By taking advantage of the Early Bird Special, you're not just getting some cool merch, you're helping an independent artist do what he loves most!

*Rewards, tiers, and prices subject to change until the campaign goes live, so be sure to check back in from time to time!


Like the designs? Want to see more? YOU can help make it happen! Here are some ways you can help the campaign:
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  • Pledge with the stretch goals you want in mind
  • Share the campaign on social media
  • Tell your friends to do the same! 

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Join 164 other people!

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