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Prepare for Mosscairn

by Chronicle

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Navigate the low feudal world of Mosscairn through paths of primal forest and blossoming highland.  As a war blooms on the horizon, ancient spirits awaken, and the chieftains call their spears. where will you stand? What world will you see shaped in the coming storm? 

Mosscairn is a standalone RPG system & setting -Reminiscent of familiar childhood favourities and folk tales, once nostalgic settings have darkened, maturing in tone as have their original audience.

 An accessible D6-based ruleset allows for players to seek as much depth as they desire, and our intent is to empower players to be able to tell the story they want to tell.   Using a robust point-buy system, you can create any manner of creature to best represent your preferred character and desired playstyle, further enabled through a comprehensive list of physical and mental traits, abilities, boons, and banes.

Encounters and gameplay is designed to provide a focus on your character's personal growth and innate attributes which guide them in their various interactions. Players may further influence gameplay through invoking latent energies to manifest portents for weal or woe depending upon the roll. Similarly, by adopting the concept of 'failing forward'  even an unsuccessful roll will lead your story onward!

Mosscairn is your opportunity to support traditional art in a meaningful way.  Multiple highly detailed  hardcover sourcebooks as well as a supplementary artbook provide a great deal of insight into the world, including extensive grimoires, a bestiary, and armoury.  Players can gain exposure to the world further through an introductory campaign: The Fate of Stonekeel Cairn, whilst localised and translated versions allow for the most immersive experience regardless of your background.

Mosscairn will also be available in alternate print versions compatible with existing RPGs including 5e/OneDND, Mork Borg, and more...

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