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Get Ready for Convictor Drive: Armored by Grief

by LionWing Publishing

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Launching Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 12PM ET!

Convictor Drive: Armored by Grief is a superhero- and tokusatsu-inspired TTRPG from the team behind Picaresque Roman that features action-packed combat and roleplaying, an intuitive d10 system, beautiful anime art, and a slew of unique and engaging gameplay mechanics.

An Overview of the Game:

The world is changing, and nowhere is it changing faster than in the Yokohama Zone.
In this prototypal city, established by the Japanese government as a test bed for the burgeoning science of mechatronics, the citizens enjoy everything from drone delivery to AI assistants. But technology is only as benevolent as those who use it. Thanks to the deadly exoframes and sophisticated hacking tools that mechatronics also makes possible, crime is undergoing its own renaissance, and the law is struggling to keep up. That's where you come in.

In Convictor Drive, you'll create and roleplay an employee of DRIVE Private Security, a company established by no less than the father of mechatronics himself, Mr. Aitani. Equipped with energy-generating nanomachines, your characters can transform into their custom Convictors—the most advanced exoframes in the world—and fight for what's right. There are multiple Convictor types to pilot, each with its own strengths and limitations, and it'll be up to you and your party to figure out how to best utilize them to help keep Yokohama safe.

Piloting a Convictor isn't something that just anyone can do, though. Only those who have suffered loss and still feel the pain of it can will their bodies to power the Convictors and turn the regrets of their past into justice for the present.

What you'll be getting:

  • A B5-size hardcover book filled with rules, lore, player and GM aids, and an in-depth sample scenario to get you right into the action!
  • New art commissioned just for the English release, illustrated by the incomparable manga artist Temi!
  • Fresh layouts with all-new graphic design and aesthetic elements to better emphasize the game's theme!
  • Exclusive content just for the Kickstarter and English release!

Why back Convictor Drive?

  • An authentic anime tabletop roleplaying game inspired by tokusatsu and superhero anime shows that captures the essence, action, and over-the-top combat of series like Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman, and My Hero Academia!
  • Convictor Drive debuted at number 1 on the Yellow Submarine sales charts (Japan's leading sales reporter for tabletop games) and received a second printing just five months later, after selling out, illustrating how well-received it was in Japan!
  • A unique setting with in-depth lore and a premise that, on the surface, is about action heroes fighting big villains, but beneath the surface is actually about grappling with trauma, trying to make sense of it, and then using it to overcome challenges and help other people.
  • A lovingly-crafted game from one of Japan's most popular RPG designers, Sigre (designer of our previous TTRPG localization project Picaresque Roman); a designer with nearly ten titles under his belt, half of which have been commercial releases!

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Don't miss your chance to get a free pre-gen character pack by backing day one!

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