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RECYCLED Polyhedral Dice from Replay Workshop!

by Atlas Games

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 YOU LOVE DICE! We do too. It's been our goal from the start of Replay Workshop to make all the traditional gaming dice – 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20-sided – out of RECYCLED plastic materials. And now we finally can!

Replay Workshop is a studio of Atlas Games. We take local plastic destined for the landfill and turn it into new products and materials. While we've already successfully made 8-sided dice out of recycled plastics, we want to make more! And until now, we didn't have access to the facilities or materials needed for mass production.

Our recent successful Kickstarter for InFUNity Tiles funded a pair of master unit die frames. That means that we can change out the mold inserts for all kinds of future products, including these dice, with much less tooling cost. So with an insert that makes a complete set of RPG polyhedra, we can mass produce dice. And they're going to be acrylic! 
Acrlylic goes by many names, like polymethyl methacrylate or "acrylic glass." You probably also know brand names like Plexiglass or Lucite. Acrylic is one of many plastics with the #7 resin recycling code. We've connected with local businesses, from sign makers to hardware stores, who will give us their acrylic scraps instead of taking it to the landfill. 
Our friends at Updog Products in Somerset WI have successfully tested recycled acrylic that we provided, and we think injection molding 98%-100% recycled material is viable. (The 2% not-recycled would be things like colorants or additives to achieve special effects.) The dice will have recessed numbers, but coloring in numbers will take a bit more experimentation. Large volumes will likely involve coloring the whole die first, and polishing away the pigment on the surface in a tumbler. But we know we can hand-color numbers to fulfill backer pledges, while we work out the path to mass production for retail sale.
Your support of this campaign makes this all possible! It will let tool up, begin production, and test various techniques for number-coloring. We can't wait to get started, so please sign up now!

Can we send you a launch reminder?

Join 53 other people!

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