Get Ready for Ashes - A Souls-like Solo RPG Gamebook

by Crossed Paths Press

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If death is an inevitable embrace for all adventurers, so too is resurrection.....

Introducing Ashes, A brand new Solo GM-less RPG that takes the elements of a Souls-like and puts it into a dungeon delving adventure with epic 13-dungeons to explore, based in the world of Akeroth.

Start your journey as 'The Ashen One' - a foretold hero destined to defeat the Archons and bring Mesym back to it's former glory.

The Blade of Kalios known as The God-Ender

Explore the ruins of an old world, the walls of which were crafted by the bodies of the 4 Phoenixes using their very essence to hide what remains.

Encounter ever-changing dungeons generated by you, with each death however you are brought back to allow you another chance to take on the horrors that remain and free this world from what ails it.

Choose from 4 Scions, the classes built into this system & prepare yourself against the enemies ahead.

The 4 Scions

Ashes will also introduce a system that uses cards to determine your dungeon layout, enemies & more, while using dice for combat and checks to make things a lot easier to manage when running the game yourself.

There are over 15 billion potential dungeon layouts & many unique combat scenarios for you to encounter!

You will take on the formidable opponents imbued with the power of the Gods in exciting Boss Battles and the remnants of creatures through combat skirmishes as your journey through the dungeon.

Remember that death is not the end and with each defeat you gain a chance to rid this world of their evil, bringing Mesym back to what it once was.

So adventurer, there is only one thing that remains, are you prepared to;

Rise, Fall, Rekindle.

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