Get Ready for Large Foam Dice

by Metal Weave Games

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

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  • Do you need a special die for an important roll that everyone can see?
  • Perhaps you're outdoors and need to roll some dice?
  • You need a nice big dice on your shelf
  • There are children in your life for which you need a great gift that they can slober on but not fit into their mouth (i know, very specific)

Of which we're looking to create the Giant Foam Dice! (better name pending)
These will be playful 9in die with a little bit of squish and a whole lot of fun! (and for size comparison it should be about the same size as a waterpolo ball, or slighty larger than the owlbear plush).

This is an interest campaign, so once we hit 100 interested users, we'll schedule this to be launched!!

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