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Get Ready for Tabula Vox: Real-time Soundtracks for your Game Sessions

by Tabula Gaming

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From Tabula Gaming, the makers of the Tabula Sono Virtual Tabletop, comes Tabula Vox, an easy-to-use and out-of-way real-time soundtrack tool designed to revolutionize your gaming experience. No more complex soundboards that require constant attention and managing, awkward pauses, or shuffling playlists. Just beautiful music that enhances the atmosphere for your adventures.

Vox uses a simple, streamlined user interface to give you access to our music technology.

Music is a powerful and immersive element for any live session. Whether it's tabletop RPGs, board games, streaming, improv sessions, or other collaborative play sessions, music helps to create an atmosphere that immerses us in the storytelling.
But obvious transitions, awkward pauses, and out-of-place swells in the music can break your immersive environment just as easily as creating it. And Gamemasters, you have enough on your plate!

Demo Video:

Tabula Vox is an online real-time soundtrack tool

We designed Vox to provide a simple and effective way to incorporate the power of music into your games.

Simply select a Theme, set a Mood, and hit Play. Vox will continue to play the mix of professionally-composed tracks until you’re ready for a change. And when you're ready, just hit the button. No need to worry about transitions, fades, timing, key changes. You're the GameMaster, so let us be the Maestro.

Easily change Theme and Mood to flow with the story.

We need your help to make this happen, so assemble your party, support our Backerkit campaign, and join us for this adventure. 

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 203 other people!

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