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Get Ready for Jagged Edge Hideaway

by Trenchworx

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"Queen Bargnot, Scourge of the High Road, leads the Jagged Edge Bandits in pillaging caravans. Before her rise, the goblins struggled, attacking only the weakest travelers in unorganized strikes. When she killed her boss and became the band’s self-proclaimed queen, everything changed."

This project will create a Box Set of physical and digital miniatures based on the Adventure Jagged Edge Hideaway by MCDM, an adventure found in Where Evil Lives.

The Jagged Edge Hideaway adventure is provided HERE in the preview copy of Where Evil Lives.

Queen Bargnot, Scourge of the High Road

Trenchworx and MCDM

Trenchworx is a miniature manufacturer located in Sandy, Utah, USA. We have been building minis for over 10 years. We design, build and ship more than 100,000 mini kits a year and we've mastered, manufactured or distributed for over 50 Kickstarter and Backerkit projects too.

Since 2018, we've worked with MCDM making the miniatures from their successful crowdfunding projects. We are excited to enter this new phase of partnership with MCDM where we will manufacture and distribute minis from their worlds beginning with this project!


Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 902 other people!

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