Get Ready for Strawberry the Fruit Bat

by strawb.blush

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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for dropping by and having a look around! This project is to raise the necessary funds to create the very first plushie in my goal towards a series of Fruit Bat Plushies, Strawberry! 

Currently there is a prototype in the making that is getting adjustments but I need your help to raise the funds to manufacture more of them! This is where you can come and help if you’d like, whether it be financial or simply sharing the page around with family and friends, it’s greatly appreciated!

Some other pledge tiers include a keychain pledge and stickers pledge 

Currently I’ve been working on opening a small art business that includes merchandise such as keychains, plushies, stickers, notebooks, etc. and this is my first time going towards one of the bigger project goals, a plush!

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