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Little Wolves: A Realm of Folk and Fae

by Dinoberry Press

Will you aid the courts in need?

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                                 The Demo for Little Wolves is available now!

Little Wolves is a tabletop role-playing game of folktales, werewolves, and fae queens. In it, 3 or more players don the masks and fur of young-at-heart shapeshifters exploring a forest filled with magic and mystery.

As they complete quests and favors for their queens and the denizens of their courts, the wolves grow and players decorate masks to reflect the lessons they learn, experiences they share, and stories they create together.

The story of Little Wolves is focused on The Enchanted Forest and the folk-lings that live within. It is a vast world filled to the brim with all manner of fae-born creatures and folktales come to life, even some you may have heard of.

As you explore this dense forest you'll meet the powerful and mysterious Queens and aid them, and their courts, through all manner of quests and favors. As a werewolf, you're uniquely gifted in traversing the forest, capable of making it to every edge of the woods, meaning that only you can learn its deepest secrets.

What sorts of truths will you uncover on your journey through its branches?

The story of Little Wolves has much to tell. Soon, you'll hear about:

  • What it means to be a werewolf
  • The Masks you'll make at the table, and how they help you transform
  • The mysterious Queens and their relationship to The Enchanted Forest
  • The denizens and folk-lings of the wonderous woods
  • The Elements and how they're used

We have an incredible team gathered and excited to bring Little Wolves to life:

Follow our campaign, and be ready to pledge your aid to the forest! 

Will you aid the courts in need?

Join 405 other people!

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