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Get Ready for Lovecraftesque Second Edition

by Black Armada Games

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Lovecraftesque is a storytelling card game of creeping cosmic horror, emulating the tone and pace of eldritch horror stories. The game will guide you to create the story of a lone individual who stumbles upon clues to a terrible evil. It creates slow-building, brooding horror that the main character at first dismisses, until all too suddenly it becomes impossible to deny. The ending will certainly be bleak, and the main character is likely to meet their doom.

Lovecraftesque is an emergent mystery game, which crafts a story out of clues that you take turns to create. The game includes hundreds of creative prompts to help you generate your story and guide the main character towards a confrontation with cosmic evil. You take turns to drip weird events into the story, building up your mystery one clue at a time.  Each player creates a secret theory about the horror and the truth about the horror emerges from those theories. By the end you'll reach a chilling climax that none of you could have predicted at the start.

A new edition

We created the first edition of Lovecraftesque back in 2015. It was our first game design project and we were delighted with its success. It's received critical acclaim, won awards and gained thousands of fans around the world. But since then we've made it even better.

The new edition gives your group more support for their creativity through prompt cards that help you get your story set up and populate it with interesting clues and characters. The story will seem to write itself. It will also include brand new card-based scenarios to get your story off to a flying start, and which you can also mix and match to make up your own weird tales.

The game is even easier to play with the rules and structure of the game written into the cards and your progress tracked on the board, so you always know what you're meant to be doing. As always we include teaching text to make it easy for you to learn and teach the game at the table, and tools to avoid the stereotypes of Lovecraft’s own work.

We are also commissioning new art by Vincent Sammy and Paul Tomes to make the game look cooler than ever before.

Lovecraftesque second edition will be available as a boxed set with the rules and all the cards you need, and as a virtual tabletop for online play.

Brand new cards help streamline gameplay and inspire your group

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 2,625 other people!

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