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Get Ready for STARSCAPE

by Golden Lasso Games

Trust, like breathable air, is a precious and rare commodity in space.

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What is Starscape?
Starscape is the found-family story of a crew traveling through space. It focuses on a group of core personalities and how their trust in one another changes over the course of their adventures. You create your crew, a ship, a bit of shared history, and then play to find out if you come together when it matters most, or fracture when faced with the challenges of an unpredictable universe. 

Starscape is inspired by Star Trek, Farscape, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, and A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. Game sessions focus on the player characters who will find out if they can work together for  a shared purpose, even as their personalities, desires, intergalactic politics, and the dangers of space threaten to drive them apart.

Starscape is built on a Powered by the Apocalypse foundation, but with many enhancements that tailor it to found-family space stories. Nine core playbooks, each based on a familiar archetype, are used to create characters that are made unique by customized Backgrounds and Specialties. These can give characters an edge when making moves of all kinds, in addition to adding depth that feeds into character relationships. 

Trust, like breathable air, is a precious commodity in space and functions as a token economy in Starscape. You may quickly earn the Trust of your crewmates, but it can’t be hoarded if you are to be a successful crewmember. You wager the crew’s Trust in you when you try to Connect, Confront or Assist them. Or, when you take the biggest risk of all, and step up to be a leader. There is a constant flow of it with your crew as together you face everything from intergalactic threats to the challenges of living with a lot of shipmates.

Starscape has a clear, quick, step-by-step process to help you collaboratively build your ship and shared universe. You can create a unique story in your favorite existing sci-fi setting or to build something completely new. This process also helps the group unify their tone and content expectations for the game. 

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<3 Golden Lasso Games 

Written by Kimi Hughes

Character Art: Kaek
Final Book & Cover Art: Bryan Vectorartist

Trust, like breathable air, is a precious and rare commodity in space.

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