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Get Ready for Delicows Plushies!

by Quirkory

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Are you ready to enter a world of fluffiness? ̖́-

Our moo-moos are back, but in a softer form this time! Welcome to the Delicows Plushies project preview!

Each plushie is made with super soft and fluffy fabric and they are all approx 24cm (9,45") tall

You will meet different types of moos: some are really sweet, while others can be a little more... sharp 👀🔪✨   Just choose your favorites and bring them at home in plushie form! They will brighten your days with their cute face, their softness and their fluffiness! If you hug and hold them tight, they'll be your daily dose of serotonin!

Get to know the moo-moos ̖́-

ꜱᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀʏ ᴄᴏᴡʀᴇᴀᴍ
She's a white and red little cow ૮₍๑ • ɷ  • ๑ ₎ა ̖́-  She's the most positive and cheerful little cow of the herd! She always lift everyone's spirit with her creamy creations✨ You can never say no to her moolkshakes! The perfect companion for all the Strawberry&Cream lovers! ૮₍ „ ᵕ  ɷ  ᵕ̤  „₎ა🍓🥛

She may seem small and soft, but her sharpest side shows up fast! So don't think you are safe with her around... Or this is at least what you'll say to everyone who'll bother you. Cause with the little Moorderer by your side, you'll be able to let her speak for you and let anyone know straight away your intentions! ૮₍๑•̀  ɷ  •́๑₎აو ̑̑
She's a pretty edgy spitfire... and she easily goes mad even if you only try to talk to her just wake up! The only one who can reason with her, is her best friend Renoir... a resourceful  calm and peaceful little frog with always the right word at the right time,  whom she blindly trusts! ૮₍ ˵´  ɷ  `˵ ₎ა❀°。

And more are waiting to be cuddled too! Although only as concept designs at the moment, we hope you fall in love with them and decide to adopt them the same~

The little Cowpuccino is a light brown moo with some very special white spots! Her mood tends to swing a lot, that's why she needs her little duck friend Sugar Lump by her side! So he can help her sweeten her days ૮₍๑ •́ ɷ •̀ ๑₎ა Poor little one, will you adopt them together and help cheer her up? ʕつ˵•́ ω•̀˵ʔつ✧˖°

ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ ᴄᴏᴡʀɴ
Soft, fluffy and a bit... sticky ૮₍„ > ヮ  <„₎ა  The little Candy Cowrn is awkward and clumsy ૮₍๑ •́  ɷ •̀ ๑₎ა ゚  She can't take a step without rolling her tail in the air. Even if some make fun of her, she doesn't care! because she knows very well that her true friends of the Spooky Cowstumes crew, will always be there to help her get back on her feet! You can be her friend too ૮₍ ˵◕ ɷ ◕˵ ₎ა ♡

Will you pledge to help bring them to life?

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