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Vibrating Tarot is a forthcoming Tarot deck featuring iconic, body-safe, globally renowned award winning adult pleasure products, showcased upon Pamela Colman Smith’s original Tarot backgrounds, illustrated over 100 years ago. I’m hoping to launch on BackerKit in October 2024. 

Our new deck of cards builds upon the traditional Tarot themes, transforming the essence of the deck as a whole as it pays homage to many different worlds that explore sex-positivity, LGBTQ+ visibility, and BDSM/kink friendly themes.

The concept clears away stigma with its initial humour as it starts the types of conversations that bridge the gap between sexuality and spirituality. The 90 card Tarot deck should also be looked at in a serious way and can be used as a legitimate tool of divination to engage in, solo or with friends and trusted partners, in search of deeper knowledge about themselves and others.

This independent project brings together dozens of quality names in the adult pleasure product industry, from big companies to small businesses, so that we may all celebrate the diverse threads that weave together our tapestry. 

We’re almost there!

For the past three years, I’ve been carving out this project’s path by doing research, building bridges with important names in the pleasure product industry, and continually listening to my supporters for their invaluable insights and feedback.

If you’ve come this far with me, I sincerely thank you with all my heart, and I look forward to us sharing in a successful crowdfunding campaign, hopefully launching in May 2024 on BackerKit.

Sign up to our email list at the links on this page to stay up to date with us regarding our launch. 

Please see our main website to read all about the project and to see all of our additional info, such as the artist's statement, the copyright statement, and FAQ; access all of our resources, which include lists of sex educators, product reviewers, and help/crisis lines; preview some of the colouring pages that we have in store; and learn about the free font that I'll soon release for all of you to use for non-commercial purposes.

“It’s very cool to see this project evolve—and so wonderful to know we’re a big part of it. 

–Alicia Sinclair Rosen, CEO, COTR Inc. 
(leWand, The Cowgirl, b-Vibe)

“Vibrating Tarot is a fun and innovative way to showcase the link between pleasure and presence, and we’re excited to see the Magic Wand featured so prominently.”

–Ken Herskovitz, CEO, Vibratex 
(Magic Wand)

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-Blush Novelties 

Thank you, Vibrating Tarot, for the amazing artwork.

“Good luck with it.”
(Publisher of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

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