Mastersmith d120 and d20 Dice

by Flying Horseduck

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53mm and precision machined from solid metal; 7075 aluminum or 304 stainless steel.

The numbers are permanently laser marked in a mathematically balanced layout; no matter how you look at it the faces on each half always add to the same amount.

It doesn't roll forever! The precision shape of these dice means they stop in 2 seconds, that's 1/4th the time as some d100s.

The 120-sided d20:

Numbered as a d20, even though it has 120 sides. You can use this epic die as your main d20 with no tables or extra steps needed! 

The d120:

The d120 is the ultimate die in a gamemaster's toolkit and the crown jewel of a dice goblin's collection!  We are growing a free collection of d120 lists, puzzles, items, and more so you will have tons of homebrew ways to use your d120.
Also, it works as an amazing d100, just roll again if the result is over 100.

Discounted Kickstarter pricing: 
$100 MSRP  discounted to $79 for Aluminum  (blue, black, red, green or purple)
$150 MSRP discounted to $119 for Stainless Steel  (mirror polish)

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