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Mythseeker's Ready for Adventure! Are You?

by Walsingham Games

We need heroes! Are you up for adventure?

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Authentic Midevalism. Real Fantasy. Classic Gameplay. Are You Ready to Roll?

Hello there, I'm Al, the owner of Walsingham Games. I've worked in various industries from comics, to gaming and more. I've been a fan of old-school RPGs for more than a decade now, but never felt like any of the systems out gave me what I wanted from an RPG -- fast-paced, rules-light gameplay in an authentically medieval world while still delivering on high heroics and epic fantasy. One that streamlined rules for GMs while making things fun for players, be they new to the hobby or seasoned d20-chuckers.

And after painstaking development, I've finally done it. I created my ultimate game. I created...Mythseeker!

Mythseeker Fantasy Adventure Roleplay is an OSR rpg inspired by classic works and real history, with nearly fifty years' worth of house rules, improvements and updates to the tried and true roll-20-plus-modifier gameplay we all know and love. In addition, the game features hundreds of years' worth of works from classic fantasy's greatest artists - from Gustav Dore to Arthur Rackham, Henry Justice Ford, Don Maitz and more! 

Encounter creatures familiar and new, from the debonair Puss-in-Boots, the loyal Blink Dog, to Orcs, Gelatinous Cubes and a host of other enemies and allies. With new features such an alignment system based on real knightly codes, over 40 random tables for generating exciting worlds, new classes such as the Executioner and Mythwaker, and intuitive and rules-light systems designed for ease of play, there's a world of adventure waiting to be discovered. 

It's the best of both worlds, old school gaming AND old-school fantasy with ZERO compromises. Sign up today and be altered when we're ready to launch!

We need heroes! Are you up for adventure?

Join 42 other people!

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