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New Avernus, an apocalyptic city building game, is the first board game from Publishing Goblin, LLC, publisher of the Alleyman's Tarot, ZOETROPE: Time Travel Roleplaying, the Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, and more!

In the apocalyptic world of New Avernus, 1-4 players will vie for their god's favor by clearing the rubble of the old world and building a city worthy of his annihilating gaze. Over 7-10 turns, players race to gather resources and carefully plan their city before a destructive meteor makes landfall. Once the smoke clears, and the cities are surrounded by their rubble, the player with the most points still standing wins!

Pledge on day 1 and get the accompanying 30-card oracle deck for free with purchase of the game. The Oracle will be usable on its own as an oracle, and as part of a more in-depth single player experience.

Who will earn Xerxes's favor? Race to get your copy before the world ends.
Launching October 4th, exclusively on Backerkit.

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