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Get Ready for Hollywood 1947: A Movie-Making Game of Strategy & Deception

by Facade Games

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The year is 1947 and you are a member of the thriving movie-making industry of Hollywood. However, it is suspected that there are communists hiding among your small production studio sneaking “un-Patriotic” messages into your movies! Will you be able to find all the communists before your studio is shut down? Or will you be suspected yourself and banned from the industry?

Create spine-tingling Horrors, gut-busting comedies, and dark film noirs. Hollywood 1947 is 1-9 players, 20-40 minutes, and ages 14+.

The game includes custom dice, detailed miniature tokens, large movie posters, transparent filmstrips, and our signature faux book box.

Play as one of the nine members of your Hollywood production studio, each with a unique ability to affect the propaganda that is slipped into the movie.

Hollywood 1947 is the 5th game in the Dark Cities Series! Each Volume is a stand-alone game that comes in the same sized faux book box, focuses on a particular city and year, and includes a dark or mysterious element in its game play. Copies of each of the other games will be available to add on at a discounted price during the Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter exclusive items, the deluxe edition and more will be on Kickstarter on January 17th. We hope you will join us! 

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Join 4,765 other people!

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