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Get Ready to Visit The Museum of Impossible Objects

by Sarah Le-Fevre at Ludogogy

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Yesterday, this was just an empty plot of land. You're sure of it. There's no way you could have missed a gothic mansion among the familiar red brick houses just two streets from your home. 

Unsure what you will find, you step through the vaulted doorway.

The Museum of Impossible Objects can be a set of writing prompts. Immerse yourself in the whole world, or see where a single card takes you - inspired by the images, exhibit labels, and the questions.

You are drawn, mesmerised, to the roiling cloud inside the jar. It seems to be pushing at the lid, and then you realise, with a start, that it has become motionless. Although there are no eyes, you can almost believe it is staring at you. Reading the label, you wonder what it did that was 'malicious'. You feel a pang as an unwelcome thought enters your head - the ghost is as capable of thought as you are. What must it be like to be trapped in that tiny jar, AND to be aware of it?

And much more, the cards can also be the basis for exploration of larger questions -something that speculative fiction has always done really well - allowing us to use alternate realities to make sense of what it is to be human in our 'real' world.

For educators and facilitators the card deck comes with resources and tools - for all learning settings, from schools to workplaces, and for outcomes from creativity and critical thinking, to innovation and strategy.

  • 60+ page guide - with activity plans, and further info and ideas for each card 
  • Regularly updated online resources to support your use of each card
  • Implementation of the deck on the Deckible card deck app
  • Image files of each card for you to use in your own content/materials design

Field Trips to the Museum offered every Tuesday in May at 5pm(BST).  Different sessions available for Educators, Facilitators and Storytellers. Get your FREE ticket and explore how the Museum could help you.

Where will your next field trip to the Museum take you?

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 128 other people!

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