Get Ready for Studium | No Exit

by Watchtower Gaming

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Delve deep into a Gothic Horror Dungeon Crawl.

Players take on the role of newcomers held at the mercy of the menacing forces that control the labyrinthian Studium. Having been brought together to form a house, they are tasked with delving into the darkest depths of the Studium to eradicate unspeakable horrors.

While exploring the ruined halls of the Studium, players will be challenged by engaging story events. The choices that players make may have grave consequences for their characters, their companions, or even the whole of the Studium. 

Halls shift, maddeningly.

The halls of the Studium are ever-changing. Spaces shift without explanation and familiar doors frequently lead to a frightening new locales. The Studium’s inhabitants must adapt to this vicious unpredictability, or else be claimed by its horrors.

Wards within the Studium function as dungeons and use a novel randomization system. Each dungeon exploration will have its own unique narratives, hidden secrets, and formidable dangers.

Terror lies in wait.

Those who once governed the Studium have now lost control of monstrous terrors. Players face off against gruesome foes capable of calling forth mysterious powers that hail from the Studium’s dark history. 

Combat in Studium: No Exit combines the classic tabletop dice-rolling experience with a unique tactical targeting system, that rewards planning and strategy. Surviving encounters will require players to work together to understand their enemies’ weaknesses and overcome them.

Power is the knowledge that survives.

Each player’s character grows stronger as the knowledge of their encounters survives with them. Overcoming hardships, forging bonds with other player characters and non-player-characters, and engaging in reflective research will all help to sharpen them into a weapon capable of fighting back the darkness.

Shaping each player’s character are milestones that provide vital enhancements to survivability. Milestones can reflect the accumulation of knowledge, the honing of battle crafts, the cohesion of working as a team, or even romantic bonds forged between two characters. Additionally, a unique “Reflection” system allows players to leverage the Studium’s abundant resources to forge formidable weapons, armor, and accessories.

The Studium awaits you 🗡 

The first 250 backers will receive an exclusive micro-expansion, featuring a special starting class card, relic weapon die, and exclusive relic gear cards!

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