Get Ready for SPORTSBALL!

by Modern Artifice

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SPORTS BALL! - Where Logic Takes a Backseat and Winning the Big Game is Everything!

Ever dreamt of winning the grand slam with a golf club on a basketball court? Ever imagined scoring the game-winning goal with a ping-pong paddle at a football stadium? In the world of SPORTSBALL, dreams don't just come true; they're the rule! 

Welcome to SPORTSBALL, where conventional rules of sports are thrown out the window, and every game, yes EVERY game, is THE BIG GAME. Dive into an absurd realm where your skills and choice of equipment might not match, but that doesn't mean you can't WIN THE BIG GAME. Your ultimate goal? Amass the most points by mastering mismatched equipment at even more mismatched locations!


  • Location Dynamics: A constantly changing landscape of 4 location cards will keep you on your toes.
  • Equipment Quirkiness: Do you have the guts to play tennis with a baseball bat? Risk it all by mismatching your equipment with venues, and challenge the gods of sports logic.
  • A Chance of Redemption: Even if you fumble or use a completely absurd item, you can still emerge as a SPORTSBALL LEGEND! (with a bit of luck).
  • Endless Replayability: With the equipment deck getting reshuffled and each game being THE BIG GAME, no two games of SPORTSBALL are ever the same!

It's not just about using the right equipment in the right game; it's about using the wrong equipment and still coming out on top! So, are you ready to defy all odds and conventions to become the ultimate SPORTSBALL champion?

Remember, in the world of SPORTSBALL, the impossible is mundane, the illogical is logical, and every player has the chance to be both a rookie and a legend in the same game. Here's to winning THE BIG GAME, regardless of how you play!

Join our crowdfunding campaign now, and let's make the craziest, quirkiest, and most hilariously fun sports game a reality! 🎲🃏🏆🎉

(P.S. Read till the end? Congrats! You're already a SPORTSBALLER! Go on, wear that badge of honor with pride!)

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming game?

Join 252 other people!

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