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Get Ready for Roll Britannia | A Hefin Mess D&D Video Mini Series

by Roll Britannia

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British DND Podcast Roll Britannia needs your help to create a fully filmed web series set in the world of Roll Britannia, starring the voices you know and love now with faces thrown in too!  With loads of benefits for backers. In the next few months, we are hitting the studio to film a feature-length Pilot Episode which we have already funded but we need your support to make the rest of this series a reality.

This crowdfunding campaign hopes to fund this bold transition, promising to enrich the Roll Britannia universe with exciting visuals, bringing the characters' escapades and the fantastical settings they explore to vivid life. Supporters of the project will be pivotal in making this vision a reality, contributing to a new chapter in the saga that blends classic British humor with the rich lore of Dungeons & Dragons.

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Chicken Monster

Gallia, once known as Neverwinter, is a vast urban megacity and the capital of the Gallaian Empire, symbolizing the empire's global dominance. The city's heart features grand buildings and is inhabited by nobles and prosperous traders, surrounded by gardens and parks. Outside the historical center, the neighborhoods become poorer and denser, where traders, workers, and the less fortunate reside. These areas near the city walls are plagued by crime, but the outermost districts maintain their unique cultures and contribute to the empire's needs under relative peace. Each district is policed by the Royal Guard, with the story focusing on the Alban Hefin district's watch house. The narrative begins with two new recruits, Oswaldo (Alex) and Dragnar (Chip), joining the team led by Sergeant E.D.1 (Tom), Corporal Sirus Emberclaw (Paul), Captain Code (James), and Psychic Consultant Sibyl Ballsmasher (Soph). Together, they face unforeseen challenges in this once-tranquil district, exacerbated by the aftermath of the Great Purge.

Roll Britannia Crew

10-Episode Video Mini-Series Your funding will help the cast of Roll Britannia set up a custom set to tell this unique story.  All captured on camera to get you closer to the story than ever before as these 6 Brits tell the tale of Albon Hefin and the mess it finds itself in. With unique miniatures and beautiful artwork, the cast is excited to bring this story to life, with your support.

In the heart of our crowdfunding campaign lies a treasure trove of backer bonuses designed to immerse our supporters in the world of our show.  Supporters can back this project for as little as £5 and look forward to receiving an array of exclusive merchandise, including dice, engraved metal tankards, thematic t-shirts, and much more. In appreciation of your support, backers will have their names featured in the credits of the show, gain access to a special show area on Discord, and receive an invitation to a digital watch party for the pilot episode. Additional rewards include a heartfelt thank you video, behind-the-scenes content showcasing the making of our project, a limited run signed A5 print of all six characters, a set of six acrylic pin badges, and a PDF copy of the "Making Of" book.

Early access to the full show, a signed A3 movie poster, a hardback "Making Of" book, an extra lore video providing deeper insight into our world, and a limited edition t-shirt are also among the exclusive perks. For those interested in unique collectibles, we offer a "Heffin Mess" dice set and a dice jail to keep your unruly dice contained.

For a select few, there's an opportunity to get even closer to the action with producer credit, a chance to be on set and meet the cast, or secure a seat at the table for an exclusive six-hour game with the entire cast. These limited-number offerings provide an unparalleled experience for our most dedicated supporters.

Larger numbers of backers for physical rewards may lead to later fulfilment of some components however this will be communicated well in advance and all digital rewards will be released on time.

Comic & Graphic Novel - Embarking on a thrilling crowdfunding journey, we're setting our sights on an exhilarating stretch goal that will bring the high seas adventure of Roll Britannia to life. Upon reaching our next funding milestone, we will commission the esteemed comic book artist, Steve Penfold, to create a captivating Comic Issue depicting the first arc, "We Be Shipwrecked." This narrative dives into the initial escapades of our daring buccaneers - Derek, Jeff, Malrus, and Keth. The artwork for these characters in the inaugural issue is already underway and promises to be a visual feast, with sneak peeks to be unveiled during this campaign. Should our funding aspirations be met and surpassed, we are eager to explore further issues, enriching this saga for our backers and fans. Join us in unlocking this treasure trove of storytelling, where your support could set sail to a series of graphic novels that immortalize the buccaneer's quest for glory.

Express Your Interest: Dive into the heart of adventure by supporting our journey from podcast to screen! By signing up today, you're not just expressing your interest; you're becoming a pivotal part of a passionate community eager to bring the Roll Britannia web series to life.

Spread the Word: Share our campaign with fellow D&D enthusiasts, Roll Britannia fans, and anyone who loves a good adventure. Together, we can make the Roll Britannia web series a reality. Join us as we take this bold step into the visual realm, bringing the characters' escapades and the fantastical settings they explore to life like never before.

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 59 other people!

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