Releasing the Purple Planet Horde • Feb 6th 2024 • 9am   days   hrs   min   sec

Two new booklets for the Purple Planet

by Studio 9 Games

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101 Hex Encounters

Bring your outdoor adventures to life! This booklet contains over 100 encounters developed to add sights, smells, sounds, and other dimensions to your PC's wilderness travels. With this Judge's aid, you are equipped to develop rich, textured encounters on the fly. No need to panic when the group explores new sections of the world you haven't crafted. With this booklet, your planets become vibrant and exciting without much preparation. 

This guide is specifically crafted to detail the world of the Purple Planet, but it can be adapted to any outdoor adventure. Also included are a few mini adventure locations.


Die, Robot!

To expand its mind, the mighty Tetraplex has sent a pulse of 4th-dimensional hyper equations across the vast expanses of space. A portion of the purple planet is bathed in waves of this seemingly chaotic energy. Like the light of a new sun, it breaks through the atmosphere in pinpoint locations to reach ready recipients. Where the cosmic yellow glow falls on robotic life, it burns new code into archaic circuits—bringing forth an age of robotic consciousness.

In this adventure, PCs awaken to the dynamic tension between the shackles of their rigid programming made to keep them under the thumb of their fleshy masters, and a new code melting away inhibitions to unlock a drive for individual expression and purpose. For the first time in their ancient memory banks, the limits of synthetic life have been challenged and their overlords will pay the price!

These products are compatible with the
Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game.

101 Hex Encounters
and Die, Robot! are created by Studio 9 Games in accordance with its 3rd party publishing license with Goodman Games.

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