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The Dark Thorn by Shawn Speakman

by Grim Oak Press

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Beneath the streets of Seattle, a long-forgotten war is about to be renewed…

Richard McAllister, a spiritually destitute homeless man and Knight of the Yn Saith, protects one of seven portals linking his world to that of Annwn, where the Fae of antiquity have been relegated by a long-running religious war.

Unknown to Richard though, powerful forces are aligning against him and all he stands to keep safe. In the wilds of a discarded world, Philip Plantagenet, son of Henry II, moves to claim a birthright nine centuries in the making, one that drives him to eliminate the Fae—at any cost to both worlds.

In the halls of Vatican City, Cardinal Vicar Cormac Pell O’Connor schemes to control the Heliwr—the Unfettered Knight—one who possesses the great power known as the Dark Thorn.

The three men are on a collision course with history and their futures.

For in the wilds of Annwn, death comes as easily as magic.

  • Author: Shawn Speakman
  • Cover Artist: Magali Villeneuve
  • Interior Artist: To Be Revealed
  • Hardcover: 478 pages
  • Editions: Trade, Limited, Lettered, Rare
  • Note: New edition professionally edited

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