Crua Sleep System - The best night's sleep you'll have in the wild!

by Crua Outdoors

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The best night’s sleep

We know you can’t fully enjoy the great outdoors if you’re not well rested.  Who wants to hike if their back is aching?  Or kayak if you’re constantly yawning?  Do you really want to be climbing or abseiling when you’re not at the top of your game?  A good night’s sleep is essential for tackling all your outdoor adventures.  

Introducing the Crua Sleep System

It integrates a self-inflating air mattress as well as a zip-on quilt.  Why a zip-on quilt?  When you sleep on a traditional sleeping bag, you are crushing the very fibers that are supposed to be insulating you, making them useless.  The foam and air inside the air mattress are giving you more insulation than you would ever get from the bottom of your sleeping bag, so why have it?

Not your father’s sleeping mat

The Crua Sleep is offered in 2 different sizes: regular and deluxe.  For those looking for a light(er), but super comfy mattress, then the regular is just your speed.  However, if weight is not a concern and you want to maximize your comfort, then the deluxe is just what the doctor ordered!  Plus the Crua Sleep boasts these great features:

  • 2 thicknesses of self-insulating foam mattress
  • Control how firm the mattress is with more or less air
  • Comes standard with a graphene infused 2 season quilt which can be zipped off for a comfy picnic blanket
  • High-grade materials like ripstop polyester on the quilt, jumbo zips, toggles for “perfect fit” adjustability
  • AND a slew of extra add-ons that will be available after the campaign that make this sleep system genuinely unique. 

Who is Crua Outdoors?

Crua was born on the west coast of Ireland.  We wanted to make gear that was as rugged and beautiful as the land it was born in, but not at the expense of comfort.  We believe that more people would spend more time outside if it was a fun, safe and comfortable experience.  Crua is built from the crowd.  This launch will mark Crua’s 11th crowdfunding campaign. 

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