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Get Ready for Legends & Demons

by Sword Scale

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In the near future:
Delta Force Operator, Dewayne is bounced from his unit for insubordination and sent to England for a court martial. On the way to the hearing, he's intercepted by a shady black ops colonel (callsign: Dread) and offered a devils bargain: complete a top secret mission or go to prison. The mission: help a struggling Air Force major recover a top secret vehicle. The catch: the mission is buried in so many layers of secrecy and redaction, no one will tell them what type of vehicle they're looking for, or what it was made to do.

In the distant past:
Paedrig is a young priest, trying to love the people of the small village of Thetford. He wants to honor God with a life which is safe and simple. But in the ruins of his empire, surrounded by foreign armies and under the constant threat of raids, Paedrig finds himself standing between a confused young peasant girl, and a demon-possessed knight who wants him dead. With his hopes of safety fading, Paedrig is left to question whether or not it's possible to be God's protector for Elaine, while he's defying God's explicit calling on his life.

Legends and Demons is a hybrid Military Sci-fi / Medieval Fantasy story told in two volumes:

  • Book I - The Fractured Table
  • Book II - A Rising Sense of Dread

Both books will be available to backers in the Kickstarter, and we're targeting delivery of physical books in time for Christmas this year.

Bonus for backers:

Backers will receive full access to both books this year, while A Rising Sense of Dread won't go on sale to the general public until some time in 2025.

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 18 other people!

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