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Get Ready for Party in the Back: Multi-Layered Wooden Puzzles!

by Puzzle Bomb

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Many of you loved our original Bumfuzzled series (and if you're a fan, we're working on more of them as well!), but said, "Man, what I wouldn't do for a Bumfuzzled with more pieces!".

Well, challenge accepted! But, being Puzzle Bomb and all, we couldn't just do it the normal, sane way, simply making larger Bumfuzzled puzzles. No, we had to come up with an entirely new concept requiring hours upon hours of design and production logistics, with much smoke coming out of our ears in the process.

However, we think you'll agree the result was totally worth it! The 3D surface appearance is already pretty impressive, if you ask us. But, as you dig in, you'll find a scrumptious puzzle lasagna, every layer oozing with Bumfuzzledy goodness! A "party in the back", if you will!

This campaign will feature three puzzles:

Party in the Back #1: Hamers Rijwielen

Party in the Back #1

This 450-piece puzzle features five layers of puzzling action! In it's layers, you'll encounter bicycles, modern abstract design, windmills, and packing puzzles. I went with a simple vintage-style cut on the final art layers.

Party in the Back #2: Pensent-ils au Raisin?

Party in the Back #2

These grape-lovers are also hiding five puzzling feasts! In this 453-piece puzzle, you'll find watermelon, sheep, a cameo by Thomas Spencer (a modern master of hand-cut puzzles!), and a curious boy. The original art layers are cut in a french-inspired curl.

Party in the Back #3: Yokohama ijin shokan no zu

Party in the Back #3

This 416-piece gem is three layers deep, but is packed with a koi pond, cherry blossoms, and rainbow-surfing giraffes. It also features a generous amount of color-line cutting on the original art layers.

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 1,231 other people!

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