Lies by Omission - an RPG and Tarot deck inspired by 70's Italian Gothic Horror

by Chain Assembly

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Lies by Omission is a table-top role-playing game system inspired by the gothic horror films that came out of Italy in the ’60s and ’70s. Often referred to as Giallo films (because of their yellow, or Giallo, posters), these films regularly depicted everyday characters that slowly begin to uncover occult mysteries hiding just beneath the surface.

Best suited for smaller player counts (1-4), the system allows players to learn about their setting one piece at a time, sometimes requiring them to revisit older locations when new information has been revealed. It relies on their ability to investigate, explore, interact with the cast, and most importantly communicate with each other. Combat is rare and often deadly, so be sure to have some backup characters at the ready. Additionally, the players will not need dice to play- their tests are conducted via a push-your-luck mechanic garnered from a standard (Rider-Waite style) tarot deck; the contents of which will evolve over the course of the game. This is designed to depict the growing dread that piles up throughout their investigation.

While the Core rulebook is currently in its early drafts, I plan on launching the physical print version on Kickstarter along with a full campaign setting and a custom tarot deck.

You can download an early draft of the core rulebook via my page.

The setting will allow your players to explore the fictional island of Isola Mezzogiallo in the Tyrrhenian Sea while the tarot deck will be inspired by the classic posters of Gialli films.

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