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by Lucifer’s Tarot

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Dear friends!

We are delighted to bring to your attention a truly exceptional opportunity – the captivating work of Ingvar, a distinguished author and mystical practitioner hailing from Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Ingvar's masterpiece, Lucifer’s Taro, is an extraordinary exploration of mysticism and divination that took the literary world by storm when first published in English two years ago. The initial release saw an overwhelming response, with the entire inventory being sold out in 2021. The clamor for more was unprecedented, with English- speaking practitioners passionately requesting a reprint.

Despite its initial success, the unfortunate closure of the original publishing house in 2022, prompted by the challenges posed by the war in Ukraine, has left "Lucifer’s Taro" in search of a new global home. This unique deck, enriched with symbolism and featuring meticulously crafted designs by Ukrainian artist Sergey Krivenchenko, is far more than a mere tarot deck; it is a transcendent journey into the realms of mysticism, offering readers a profound and transformative experience through 105 Arcana and detailed guidance book written by the author Ingvar. 

105 Arcana of the LUCIFER’s TAROT system are represented by:
⁃ 72 princes of Darkness (minor dark geniuses), arcana from 1 to 72 ⁃ 12 princes of Qliphoth (senior dark geniuses), arcana from 73 to 84 ⁃ 10 hosts of Demons, arcana from 85 to 94
⁃ 8 Archdemons, arcana 95 to 102
⁃ 3 veils of Infernal Existence, arcana from 102 to 105

We want to introduce "Lucifer’s Taro" to a broader audience in the US and beyond to amplify its reach but also enhance its impact globally. We wa to release the new edition of "Lucifer’s Taro" in English but also in Spanish. Additionally, further information can be found on our website: 

Here’s a link to one of the unboxing videos of our previous additions:

Thank you for considering this exclusive opportunity. We eagerly anticipate the possibility of bringing Lucifer’s Taro to new heights together.

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

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