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Get Ready for Tank Clash: Western Front

by Ameba games

Are you ready to Immerse yourself in battle with 6 iconic World War 2 tanks?

Join 345 other people!
Take command of fearsome German tanks like the Panzer IV, Marder III and Tiger I. In the early stages of the war, Germany tank offensives in Poland and France proved that armour was essential for victory.

Although the Germans created very formidable tanks, the Americans managed to use innovative tactics and its industrial might to turn the tide of the war. They built the M4 Sherman, M18 Hellcat and M26 Pershing to counter them.

Tank Clash is a casual warfare strategy game for 2 players that a noob or skilled player can enjoy. It features a checkers-style armour tracking system with dice rolling and hand management for tactical choices.

This tank skirmish game is designed to be easy-to-learn, quick to setup and played within an hour. Replayability is high as there are different secret missions, morale cards, modular terrain boards and tank commander abilities.

You also have the option to add chibi tank miniatures to the battlefield too! We are offering high quality STL files so that you can print your very own minis for the game. 

And for folks who are not familiar about 3D printing ... fret not. Our team is working to have ready-made 3D printed miniatures in our Backerkit Pledge manager after the campaign ends.

Ameba games was born thanks to crowdfunding. This is our 5th campaign and we have reached this far because of the community that loved our games and supported us.

Tank Clash has been a project close to our hearts as we have spent the last 2 years crafting it. Together with Cargo studios, we are excited to meet you to bring you our most ambitious game yet!

Do check out Tank Clash's previews and playthrough videos by clicking on the review banners below:

Are you ready to Immerse yourself in battle with 6 iconic World War 2 tanks?

Join 345 other people!

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