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Get Ready for The Vault of Mini Things - An RPG Encounter Toolkit

by TinkerHouse Games

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One of the best features of a tabletop RPG is the vast panoply of diverse creatures, characters, and monsters that inhabit the fantastical world. And one of the challenges for a game master is representing that menagerie on the game table without breaking the bank. If only there were a single product with a huge assortment of gorgeous full-color fantasy figures and terrain, all organized in a simply elegant system that facilitates quick selection, fast cleanup, and concise storage.

We proudly present for your consideration: the Vault of Mini Things.

Tinkerhouse Games and Printable Heroes have teamed up to provide you with the ultimate RPG toolkit. The Vault of Mini Things features over 400 vivid full-color standees of heroes, NPCs, and monsters suitable for a vast variety of RPG encounters. It also includes terrain and props for dungeons, forests, caves, and the like. All of this comes in one board game sized box with custom standee sleeves, built-in sections, and tabbed dividers to organize everything for easy location and deployment. There are separate organization areas for different encounters or frequently used standees, general storage for notes, and a dice rolling tray. We developed this to be a compact way to transport what you need to play a fantasy RPG in one easy to organize and pack up package.

"I realize that not everyone has the resource nor the time to print, cut, and assemble Printable Heroes miniatures themselves so I'm incredibly excited at the opportunity to provide a pre-printed, pre-cut and easy to assemble alternative for folks to get neat looking miniatures on their tabletops and get to the fun part of telling their stories."
- Marshall Short, Printable Heroes

TinkerHouse Games was founded with the mission to help tabletop players get to the fun, faster. We have years of experience designing and engineering full-color, easy-to-assemble terrain for sci-fi wargames and are excited to expand into tabletop fantasy RPGs.  We are putting our learned experience and past crowdfunding successes together with the existing Printable Heroes art catalog to bring you what we think will be a truly great product. 

The Vault of Mini Things empowers anyone to bring to their table hundreds of beautiful and monstrous creatures and characters, and deploy them quickly and easily.  


  • Full-color - no painting required!
  • Over 400 Standees - with plenty of room to expand.
  • Custom bases with swappable 2-sided art inserts - default stone/grass, with other terrain types available.
  • Compact storage for portability and quality-of-life - everything fits inside the standard-size board game box (Kallax compatible!)
  • Elegant organization system - for fast selection and quick cleanup.
  • Integrated dice-rolling tray and compartments for storage.
  • Campaign Catalog™ system - for pre-building encounters or “saving” locations.
  • Includes enough dungeon, town, and battle terrain for small encounters - expandable for larger battles.
  • Hand drawn art by Marshall Short of Printable Heroes - with over half a decade of experience creating characters, monsters, and terrain art for RPGs.

Not every session needs minis. 

But for those that do, there’s the Vault of Mini Things.

Note: the box artwork in the preview above is temporary and may change.

We will send you a reminder to pledge when the campaign launches!

Join 3,788 other people!

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