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Get Ready for Children of Eldair Book 4

by Jemma Young Studios

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Children of Eldair launched in 2012 as a humble little webcomic on its own website. Since then, it has consistently updating and growing as a comic and as a community. Since 2012 Eldair has gained over 150,000 subscribers on Webtoons alone, has over 10 million views, and funded and fulfilled 3 graphic novel Kickstarter Campaigns. The reader response has been incredible, and I’m excited to finally launch the highly anticipated fourth book!

This project aims to fund the printing and shipping of the fantasy isekai comic: Children of Eldair book 4. This book features 170 full color comic pages and will have a page dedicated to the backers of the project for making this book a reality. As we grow in funding, I will add content to this book including more guest art, extra side comics, and concept art.
Missed out on books 1 through 3? No worries, you can grab any previous book during this campaign!

Embera should be dead when Koe finds her unconscious and wounded in the wildlands of Eldair. Who she is and how she got there remains a mystery even after she finally awakens from a strange enchanted sleep. Koe can only guess what the quiet, scared, and damaged Embera has been through until he is suddenly pulled into a vision that takes him on an adventure across time and worlds.

Turns out Embera isn’t from Eldair at all. Nearly a year ago she was about to graduate high school when she and her two friends, Iva and Indri, were stolen from their world by a fairy. On their journey to find a way back home, they face many dangers, including unknown magic, an oncoming war between races, and the threat of flesh-eating demons.
In book four of this series, Embera, Indri, and Iva have survived The Razing--a catastrophic demonic event that razed the town of Nuam La to nothing but dust and cinders. Thousands dead, they must now travel with Prince Hallren and his companions to warn his people of the threat these deadly foes pose to the world. But the journey quickly becomes increasingly dangerous as they travel through and enemy territory and Embera unknowingly brings on an extra demon seed with them. Can they fulfill their mission of warning the elvan people about demons? And will they eventually find their way home when this is all finished?
 This book is the third of the Eldair series and collects chapters eleven through fourteen and completes the first arc of this fantasy adventure comic. 

Will you like Eldair?
For those of you who are new to Eldair and wondering if you’ll enjoy it, here are some other works that if you like these, you’re most likely to enjoy Eldair!
  • Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere such as The Stormlight Archive, Mistborn, and Tress of the Emerald Sea.
  • J.R.R. Tokein’s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (The book, not the movie.)
  • Avatar: the Last Airbender
  • The Dragon Prince
  • Garth Nix’s The Seventh Tower and Abhorsen Series
  • CLAMP’s Magic Knight Rayearth and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
  • Dungeons and Dragons Tabletop RPG

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Can I count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 195 other people!

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