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Get Ready for The Covens of Midnight - A GM-less TTRPG & Tarot Deck

by Crossed Paths Press

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From the Award Nominated Writer behind Brambletrek comes the latest adventure in Akeroth!

The Covens of Midnight is a Journaling RPG that utilises Tarot cards to take you through a journey. It is designed for Solo Play while also open to multiple students taking part.

Alongside the core rulebook, you can grab the exclusive 78 Card Tarot Deck Designed for the game! This deck will be 78 pieces of unique art printed on heavy stock tarot cards to give a smooth experience both in and out of game.

The Book will also include a small guidebook to help those new to divination understand the card draws and their representation.

Tarot Art by Malvva

This is a game about being a brand new student at the most prestigious college in Akeroth, but you are no ordinary academic. Unlike the witches who attend, you have been granted magical powers by an otherworldly Patron known as a Paragon.

The library is the perfect place to harness the lessons learned - Art by Krusekis

You'll use this book, a deck of tarot cards, and your journal to explore the school, work to improve your witch's fortunes, and meet some of the college’s weird and wonderful residents.

This is a game designed for solo play but allows you to bind multiple players together as fellow students. It’s a blend of simple rules and writing prompts, stirred together to produce the story of a Scribe spending a year in the halls of The Midnight Court.

Internal Book Layout

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Can we count on your pledge?

Join 10,326 other people!

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