Get Ready for Death Valley - A Horror Western TTRPG

by Critical Kit Ltd

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The Death Valley core rulebook contains all you need to dive into a horror/western TTRPG where you will take on the role of an undead resident of Bardo’s Bluff. 

Whether you desire to exist in peace or seek out revenge for your wrongful killing, there is always something or someone determined to make your life hell.

From the award-winning creator of Be Like a Crow comes a TTRPG that is quick to learn and will provide endless hours of role-playing terror & fun.

Included in this book:
 →  250 pages of comprehensive rules.
 →  10 playable types of undead.
 →  15 former life options.
 →  A mini-campaign, Dead River Crossing.
 →  Tables of weapons and other items.
 →  Beautiful artwork by Vincenzo Ingenito.

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