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Enter the World of City of Skull for MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying

by 9th Level Games

Are you BRAVE ENOUGH to explore the CITY OF SKULL?

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The Witchkings of Old destroyed everything - their dread magic left us a world under a perpetual eclipse.  A wasteland of ruin and danger hiding treasures and glory.

Without Magic Items rescued from the ruins and mazes scattered across the great Salt Waste, even the last city - THE CITY OF SKULL - will fall to the Darkness.  

City of Skull is a unique campaign setting and WEST MARCHES hexcrawler adventure path for Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying. 

NEW CLASSES. NEW LINEAGES. Spicy new RULES for MAZES including random Character Creation, Advancement, and more.

Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying is an old school dungeon crawler with modern rules that allow for quick one shot play through streamlined character creation and immediate action resolution.

Professor Dungeon Master of Dungeoncraft is a big fan of Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying!

What can I GET from this campaign? 
💀 Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying base hardcover 
💀 City of Skull campaign setting hardcover 
💀 Beyond the City of Skull adventure path book 
💀 Legacy of the Dungeon, a City of Skull solo adventure book 
💀 Deluxe Maze Controller Screen  

Are you BRAVE ENOUGH to explore the CITY OF SKULL?

Join 565 other people!

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