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Get Ready for One Deck Dungeon: Relics of the Forge

by Asmadi Games

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One Deck Dungeon is back with a new full-sized expansion - Relics of the Forge! New encounters, new heroes, new bosses, and as you might have guessed: A forge! 

Your Heroes can now enter the dungeon with a Relic, each with unique playstyles and powerful abilities. Relics need power, though, and lots of it - and the fuel for your relic's abilities will come from the Forge. Each Relic creates fuel in a different way, so you'll need to be clever to use it efficiently to conquer these new dungeons!

In addition, this campaign will feature the ability to purchase ALL of One Deck Dungeon's content in a big shiny box set (Don't worry. The small boxes are inside so you can still bring the most portable dungeon-crawler anywhere, and you can purchase just the new stuff and put your existing games in the box!). Will there be shiny deluxe tokens inside? Promo cards? An actual pile of gold? Yes! To two out of three of those things!

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Are you ready for more One Deck Dungeon?

Join 2,656 other people!

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