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Get Ready for Wild Earth Dice: Vision of a Thousand Galaxies

by Wild Earth Dice

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Visions of a Thousand Galaxies is a brand new collection of galaxy inspired liquid core, sharp edge dice. A unique collection that inspires and captures various colours and looks of the universe.

Nebulae, moons, galaxies—each world has a rich existence all its own. And for those who stare up at the sky in astonishment, there is much to marvel at. The Cosmic Collection seeks to recreate the majesty of the infinite heavens in your own personal fragments of creation.

Prepare to be awed! These dice are not just big, they are enormous! We present to you our glorious super chonk D20's. These cosmic-inspired dice are designed to impress, with a massive size of 90mm. They will undoubtedly dominate any dice collection, and leave any onlooker in awe!

The stars are never-ending, and the wonders they contain even more so.
Through the endless void of space and time, lies a vision of a thousand other universes, stars, planets and galaxies. Through the cold hard darkness of space lies a vision of a thousand galaxies waiting to be explored. Behold! A vision of a thousand galaxies!

You're about to embark on a cosmic journey. On your travels, you will get sucked into wormholes, and discover vibrant colours swirling in the depths of space. These Visions are waiting to be explored.
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Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 2,491 other people!

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