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"Hunted" Pin Set - Coming to Pintopia 2!

by Aimee Cozza Illustration

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Dark-romantic, dark-beautiful illustrative pin set showcasing an appreciation of pain, death, and the love between a person and their animal.

The story of humans and wolves, and our eventual domestication of wolves into what we now know as dogs has been told time and again: a wolf joins a human at the warmth of a fire, or a human tosses a bit of their kill to a wolf. No matter how the bond came to be, we know wolves as something special to us – revered and respected by many – and we hold them close. Even closer we hold the bond for our pets, sharing our homes and even our beds with them.

But would you die for your animal? Would you lie beside them and take your final breaths together, if you could?

This pin set is the story of a person, hunted the same as their wolf, the animal they’ve forged a close kinship to over years of mutual respect, downed beside them, bleeding and mortally wounded. They live together, they eat together, they bleed together, and they draw their last pained breaths together.

The story doesn’t end there…

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