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OTHALA'S FORTUNE is a set of six D4 divination dice engraved with symbols from the Elder Futhark and finished with a frozen effect, mimicking the icy landscapes of the North. It's composed of 24 runes, considered to be the oldest system of runes and a valuable tool for personal growth.

The runes are traditionally divided into three families, called Ætt. Each family, made up of eight runes, is associated with a particular theme or concept. Every symbol has a unique meaning and energy, holding the keys to universal truths. They have a high vibrational density that can help you understand yourself better and make informed decisions.

OTHALA is a powerful symbol in the runic alphabet. It represents heritage, inheritance, and legacy, often associated with ancestry, home, and responsibilities passed down through generations. We chose this name as a homage to our grandmother, who introduced us to divination.

Each set comes with a guide designed to enhance your understanding by providing key words for each rune, helping you to grasp the essence of their meaning. It also includes basic reading guidelines that provide a framework for how to cast the runes and interpret the patterns they form.

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