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Get Ready for DiceSlide – The Compact Dice Tower

by The Fantasy Wood Works Ltd

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Hi gamers

DiceSlide is a dice throwing solution for those who play D&D, Warhammer, Board Games and everything in between.

Made with Love

We've got a thing about timber here at The Fantasy Wood Works. We only use the finest timbers and delight in their grain, texture and colour – we hope you do too.

...we want our gaming accessories to be the stars on your gaming table. 

DiceSlide will be available in solid hardwoods: Maple, Oak and Mahogany, all finished with a silky smooth vegan friendly oil.

Throw Your Dice in Style

Your gaming table is often a well populated area – maps, tokens, cups of coffee... all fighting for space

We think your dice throwing shouldn’t demolish your miniatures or result in an under the table dice hunt.

Our DiceSlide is designed to take up as little space as possible and makes dice throwing fun and controlled – no more component demolishing!

Add the DiceSlideBox

Expand the DiceSlideAdd Storage for Dice & Hero Mini

We are pretty excited about our creatively titles DiceSlideBox – an extra add on for your DiceSlide. Big enough to store 4 sets of D&D dice, or one set and a miniature when combined with the box's foam insert. The DiceSlideBox will come with a choice of perspex lid colours and once clipped into the DiceSlide, the lid remains securely in place. 

Not content with just dice storage, the DiceSlideBox extended lip that holds the box in place also doubles up as a phone or tablet stand.

The DiceSlideBox has one more trick up its…

It’s also a Stand for Your Phone or Tablet

We decided to squeeze one more funtion out of our Swiss Army Knife of a dice tower. The lip that holds the DiceSlideBox in place in the DiceSlide also doubles up as a smart phone or tablet holder. Got your character sheet stored on your phone? Have those stats on display neatly, or watching that 'how to play' YouTube video – all neatly on show on you gaming table. 

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 126 other people!

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